3. Run Escher locally and in IPython

To run Escher on a local computer or to use Escher in Python/IPython, first install it. The Python package for Escher can be installed using pip:

pip install escher

Depending on your installation of Python, you may need sudo:

sudo pip install escher

Alternatively, one can download the source files and install the package directly:

python setup.py install

3.1. Escher in the IPython Notebook

Once you have installed Escher locally, you can interact with Escher maps in an IPython Notebook.

Here are example notebooks to get started with:


3.2. Running the local server

You can run your own local server if you want to use Escher offline or explore your own maps with the homepage browser. To get started, install the Python package and run from any directory by calling:

python -m escher.server

This starts a server at http://localhost:7778. You can also choose another port:

python -m escher.server --port=8005